MG Consulting, Inc. | Consulting

MG Consulting, Inc. is a great source for your computer equipment needs.  If you are looking for a technology partner we’d love to work with you. Contact us to learn more.


MG Consulting, Inc. is partners with Microsoft and Google. We have the skills and experience to transition and support your company in Office 365 or Google G Suite.

MG Consulting, Inc. offers domain registration and web hosting.

Networking is the piecing together of a puzzle. We know how to make all of the pieces fit. With our staff’s knowledge and experience, we are able to build and install fast and reliable servers, and setup a stable and functional network platform for your applications.

MG Consulting, Inc. has over 18 years of network administration experience. We know everything a business needs to have a fast and reliable network and we provide all the software, hardware, and knowledge to make that happen. We will be your on call IT department, or we can work with your current IT staff as a trusted resource.

As an Intel Channel Partner, we are trained on the latest Intel technologies.

We are trained in utilizing SonicWall products to defend your network from intruders on the outside, as well as protecting users on the inside from unauthorized materials. We specialize in using VPN technology (virtual private network) to connect your multiple office, or home-to-office networks.

APC is the industry leader in uninterruptible power systems (UPS), as well as rack-mount infrastructure. Our staff is trained on the InfrastruXure system as well as APC’s other products.


• Analysis of Existing Equipment
• Product recommendations
• Installation and Configuration
• Maintenance and Repair
• Cloud Hosting Solutions (Office 365, G Suite, Mozy Backup, etc.)


• Desktop and Notebook Computers
• Servers and Networking Equipment
• Mobile devices including Apple and Android
• Printers and Scanners
• Software